Company Overview

Schembri Engineers began in 1985 specializing in home and building inspection and commercial real estate consulting services.

Schembri Engineers is dedicated to serving the needs of its clients helping them make informed decisions about the buildings in which they live and work.Schembri Engineers Office Building



Schembri Engineers has served well over 10,000 clients in the metropolitan Phoenix area as well as in other areas of northern and southern Arizona, and have established a reputation for competence, professionalism and thoroughness that is unmatched.

Philip A. Schembri, P.E., is the President of Schembri Engineers, a role he had proudly served since 1985. Mr. Schembri’s special expertise is in the evaluation and analysis of commercial and residential properties and in project management.

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In 1976, Mr. Schembri received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology.  He has been a registered Professional Engineer since 1981 and has a total of 31 years of broad engineering experiences ranging from an aerospace industry consultant to the project management of large industrial and commercial construction projects.  Mr. Schembri has been involved in the construction of thermal-vacuum chambers, design of utility sized power plants, set-up of a major helicopter manufacturing facility, acted as an owners representative and project manager for a large commercial facility and high end luxury homes, and has been qualified as an expert witness in numerous construction related cases in both the office of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, the Arizona Superior Court and in the United States Federal Court.

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