The Purpose Driven House

Perhaps at no time in recent history has it been more appropriate to examine the purpose of a home or building.

The most obvious purpose of a home or building is to provide shelter for the occupants. Of course, what the occupants do inside the structure defines it’s purpose.

Is this a home for one or for a family of six?   What is the age mix of people that will be occupying the house? How much time will I be spending in the house each day?

Other purposes of a home or building could be for investment or, in addition to providing living quarters, provide a place in which to conduct business from.

From my personal experience, it is always wise to never purchase a home or building that you cannot afford. As we see happening all around us, many bought homes that they could not afford and, as a result, are now losing them.

In summary, before making that biggest purchase of your life, sit down and really determine what the purpose of that home or building is. Stay focused on your life needs and never purchase a home or building to simply “keep up with the Joneses”. Take control of your life by establishing goals, dreaming dreams and then making good sense choices on how to make them a reality.

True success is built on a second by second basis over a long period of time. Very simply, there are no shortcuts.