Why Choose Us?

We understand the urgency of your need for a thorough inspection and a timely report. Schembri Engineers wants to help. We can fulfill your need to receive the inspection results rapidly and efficiently so that you can make a timely and informed decision. The report will be available via our website and e-mail generally within a day or two of the inspection. Of course you will receive a hard copy via U.S. Mail. The inspection and report will be based on all the experience, observational and communication skills of the Registered Engineer who examined your house or building.

A home or building inspection provides you with a critical analysis of the current condition of the building you are considering. The worth of that opinion to you is proportional to the knowledge, experience and expertise of the professional rendering it, as well as his or her ability to effectively communicate that opinion to you in a way that allows you to make the correct decision. That’s why all Schembri Engineers’ reports are written by licensed Professional Engineers – yielding the highest standard of service in the industry.

A home or building inspection must be conducted and the report written is such a way as to convey the critical information required to make a wise decision about the property you are considering. The report you receive should help you to make sound conclusions and not just list defects. Schembri Engineers’ ability to make objective comparisons of the home or building you are considering to those of similar age and construction type along with our comprehensive maintenance plan allow you to paint a true picture of the property you are considering.

We are generally not the least expensive inspection service  in the area (obtain a price quote) but we are the oldest,  most experienced and professional building inspection engineering firm in Arizona having performed more than 10,000 home and building inspections since 1985.  Those clients who are looking for accountability, experience, integrity and thoroughness will wisely choose Schembri Engineers.