Since 1985, we have provided our customers with the most complete home and building inspection services available. The system established by Schembri Engineers has continually set the standard for quality of Schembri Engineer’s inspections are conducted by licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.s). 

In most states, licensed P.E.s are the only ones who can legally comment on the structural integrity of a building.   As a result, Schembri Engineers can provide you with a level of accountability, experience, integrity, and thoroughness that sets us apart in the home and building inspection industry.  There’s no need to call out an engineer after a typical home inspector’s query about the structural condition of the property.  We’re already there and our structural evaluation is included with every standard home and building inspection.  This saves you time and money.

We have inspected production sized to custom designed luxury homes, retail and commercial buildings of all sizes including high rise towers exceeding 20 stories in height, industrial buildings, shopping centers, malls, factories, and warehouses.   Our clients have included individuals, couples, celebrities, corporations, investors, REITs, insurance companies and real estate portfolio managers.

Home and Building Inspections by Professional Engineers and Certified Home Inspectors.