Type of Inspections

STANDARD HOME or BUILDING INSPECTION: A limited visual inspection to identify significant deficiencies and/or repairs needed in the major systems (structural, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, roof, interior, interior, and exterior) as well as provide a general understanding of the property. This is a limited inspection based on visible evidence readily available during the inspection (without moving furnishings, removing finishes, etc.) and is the opinion of the engineer performing the inspection. Our inspection is not a guarantee or warranty regarding the condition of this building.

EXHAUSTIVE HOME or BUILDING INSPECTION: A Standard Inspection plus invasive testing and/or equipment dis-assembly as approved by client and property owner, in advance, to gather all reasonably available and relevant information about the property. This inspection is specifically not limited to readily available visible evidence and requires invasive testing which may include moving furnishings, removing wall coverings and/or drilling into wall cavities (to check for structural damage, for example) and requires the current owner’s written permission. Our inspection is not a guarantee or warranty regarding the condition of this building.

LIMITED STRUCTURAL INSPECTION: An inspection and evaluation that is limited to the following reasonably available and visible structural components :   (This will be determined by the inspecting engineer)  Activities such as probing with instruments, measuring framing members, limited excavation around the foundation and/or determination of squareness, levelness and plumbness may be included in such an evaluation. Unless otherwpartially framed homeise recommended or designated in writing, no soils investigation or invasive testing is included. Further, no inspection or evaluation of any other systems such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical, exteriors or interiors is included.  It is not a warranty or guaranty regarding the structural condition of this building.


Each Agreement contains the following Mold Exclusion:

MOLD EXCLUSION: This scope of work for this inspection does not include determining the presence of any type of organic substances, i.e. mold, mildew, etc. in the building. If, however, during the structural inspection, we knowingly encounter what appears to be such substances, we will notify you of the presence of these substances without accepting any liability whatsoever for any type of damage or harm caused by the substances. It is your responsibility to determine if further testing and evaluation is required and to retain an independent, qualified professional to perform such tests and evaluations.